my name is Kate!


I'm a 26 year old badass. I believe in integrity, hard work, community contribution, kindness, and manic dancing when necessary. 

I find meaning in the work of human beings. I believe my mind was uniquely given the gift to see patterns in human behavior and the grit to innovate in elevating these patterns. Humans beings can thrive and I believe it's my mission to help us get there.

I can do anything and so can you. To believe anything less is a real bummer. Check out my CV to see what I've done so far.

Available for:

Teen Life Coach

Human Services

Recreational Therapy

Podcast facilitation

+ Whatever cool idea you can come up with





(916) 899-980



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“im not going to ask my friends for a testimonial about me." -me



"Happiness is a mental habit, a mental attitude, and if it is not learned and practiced in the present it is never experienced. It cannot be made contingent upon solving some external problem. When one problem is solved, another appears to take its place. Life is a series of problems. If you are to be happy at all, you must be happy - period! Not happy 'because of.'" -Maxwell Maltz



Young Adult Ski Program

Starting in the 2017/2018 ski season, I independently created a recreation program for Journey Home, a transitional program for clients graduating a residential treatment program. With my guidance, clients participated in skiing/snowboarding every weekend for 2 months, growing their skills and using the power of recreation to utilize personal growth.

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